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What Sets Us Apart

Porras built Bryco Construction from the ground up to be an employee driven, client focused construction company in a forever changing healthcare environment. Today, Porras’ mission is represented by our company motto: “Commitment, Integrity and Excellence”. In addition to our mission to personal and professional integrity, quality craftsmanship and impeccable client service, our motto reflects our focus and our expertise in what is most important to our clients—their workspace, their patients and their revenue.

While other General Contractors have attempted to replicate Bryco’s legendary quality and proprietary process, they’ve never been able to duplicate our Infection Control Process, which is the real secret to our success. We contract a broad range of healthcare renovation types from Hybrid Operation Rooms to Patient Care/ICU Floor Renovations to new construction of Emergency Rooms and X-Ray CT Renovations/Builds. Bryco Construction protects patient care and maintains the highest infection control staff. The most crucial part of being a good healthcare contractor is Infection Control, which is sets Bryco Construction apart from the rest.


Bryco Constructions commitment to success is not only in the methods and procedures we use during all phases of a project, but in our team who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. safety, quality, community and our clients are more than just words on paper; it is evident in everything we do, from the people we hire to the projects we build. This is where we make a difference.


Bryco Construction conducts business with the highest standards of honesty and fairness; we can be trusted. Every project is built with pride of personal ownership by all members of the team ensuring the highest level of quality.

From our customers, employees, business partners, we strive to be the one General Contractor you can trust to renovate your healthcare projects and deliver great predictable outcomes. We are the standard in healthcare renovations in South Texas.


Bryco Construction strives to provide an exceptional quality product that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We are committed to providing quality products that we as a company and the client can be proud of.

our team

Brian Porras

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Member

As Chief Executive Officer, Brian is responsible for direct supervision of all projects in the Construction Division and to provide leadership and guidance to field operations, estimating, project engineering and marketing. Brian’s essential job functions as Owner consist of:

Coordinate and oversee development and procurement of new business and maintaining customer relations;

Review and approve personnel recruitment and training programs;

Review and approve projects to be bid or negotiated;

Review and approve project estimates, preliminary and detailed project schedules;

Review/Approve selection of subcontractors and supplier bids, contract agreements and major purchase orders;

Review and Approve budget preparation and cost breakdowns;

Monitor new advances in construction equipment and systems technology; and

Monitor Field Operations, assist in resolving changes or deficiencies that arise and subcontractor performance.

With over 20+ years of commercial construction experience and 10 years in healthcare industry, Brian established Bryco Construction. Brian’s 20 years include construction experience as a foreman, project superintendent, project manager, project administrator and director of field operations.

Angela Porras

Chief Financial Officer/ majority Managing Member

9 years as Chief Financial Officer, reporting directly to the CEO, Angela is responsible for maximizing Bryco Constructions operating performance and achieving its financial goals. Angela ensures sound financial practices of the organization, managing the strategic plan, ensuring a healthy work environment and overseeing revenue generation and general operations.

In addition to education and experience, Angela’s attributes are often demonstrated in management skills, leadership, fiscal management, and the ability to effectively delegate and maintain a “big picture” strategic view. Angela has the ability to translate policies into daily routine operations and be self-assured, confident and goal oriented.

Finance-Sound financial management of the organization, identifying ways to increase revenues and decrease costs, analyzing financial reports and working with staff and various audit committees to prepare operating budgets.

Human Resources-Maintains a healthy work environment and ensuring sound policies and procedures are in place.

Financial Directors– sharing information with the Financial directors to ensure it is kept up to date on activities, providing financial and attending all board meetings.

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